Dr. Ibrahim Shogar (PhD) is Associate Professor of Islamic studies and philosophy of science, at Kulliyyah of Science IIUM. He is Researcher, Author and Advisor, focused on Islam and science studies. He majored in Shari`ah and law from Al-Azhar university- Egypt. He obtained his PhD in Islamic studies (IIUM), where he especially worked to develop the concept of Divine Laws from the Qur`anic perspective “al-Sunan al-Ilahiyyah fi al-Qur`an”. Beside his teaching responsibilities, he currently working to develop the “Unit of Islam and Science Studies” (UNISS) in Kulliyyah of Science. In addition to that he is coordinator of “Islamization of Knowledge Programmes”. He also Coordinator of “Religion and Science Research Unit” (RSRC). Having published over 25 peer reviewed International conference, Journal papers and books; Dr. Shogar has a keen interest in issues related to Religion and Science. He especially interest to reflect on modern scientific issues from Islamic perspective, such as “Science and Human Values”, “Ethics and Science”, and “Societal Utilization of Science and Technology”. Dr. Shogar has received honors and many Research Grants to develop research in various topics, such as The Scientific Discourse in the Qur`an and Divine Laws (Sunnatullah) in the Qur`an.

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