• Dr Hashi is Associate Professor, and full time academic staff at the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He completed his Bachelor Degree in 2001, majoring in Theology and Comparative Religion, Master’s Degree in 2003 and PhD in 2008, on the same field of study, at the faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). His area of specialization is human sciences (theology and comparative religion), and bioethics, with more than 16 years of experience in teaching/lecturing, supervising and conducting academic research in related academic areas.
  • He wrote notable academic books, encyclopedia, refereed journal articles and academic conference papers, which are published in Australia, United States of America (USA), Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Lebanon, India and elsewhere in the world, an experience that made him a professional writer and author. Some of his academic books are now used as references and reading materials for university students.
  • Besides his research grants and chairing of various world class academic conferences, Dr Hashi was an invited speaker in the United States of America (Suffolk University, Boston 2009, The University of Chicago 2018, Cambridge Institute of Education 2019), Australia (Australian Catholic University 2014, Australian National University, 2018), Canada, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, and elsewhere in the world.
  • He teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, and supervised PhD and master students, some of whom are now serving as academicians and lecturers in various universities, while others joined other job sectors such business and civil servants in different parties of the world. He writes both in English and Arabic languages.
  • In 2014, Dr Hashi was awarded the ‘Best Lecturer Award’, by the Faculty of Sciences.  Apart from his academic duties, Dr Hashi holds administrative position in the university’s admonition, deputy director, and also served as an editor for one of the academic and refereed journals of the university.
  • In 2016, the Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education awarded Dr Hashi and his colleagues a multidisciplinary research grant on the Legal, Social and Ethical Implications of Tissues Engineering, which was recently concluded. Further details of Dr Hashi achievements are found below.
  • He is known for his community services with humility and active involvements in academic and clinical workshops that are set to educate the students, staff and the members of the public.

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