Emerging Communication Technologies Based on Wireless Sensor Networks: Current Research and Future Applications


To be Published by CRC Press, USA


Editors: Mubashir Husain Rehmani and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan





With the advancement of technology and miniaturization of electronic devices, applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) can be seen in diverse areas of our life. In addition to this, these WSNs gained lot of attention from both the research community and the industry, thus, making them available easily in the market. Extensive research work, easy availability and cheap cost, makes them appropriate to use in futuristic applications as well. Therefore, WSNs are becoming an essential component for future communication technologies. For instance, whether we talk about Internet of Things, Smart Cities or Cyber Physical Systems, one can find the role of WSNs in these technologies. However, with these diverse application and underlying communication architectures, new research challenges are also arises. In this context, we plan to edit a book on Emerging Communication Technologies based on Wireless Sensor Network, which gives a broader picture on the applications, architecture, challenges, and open research directions in this area. In addition, the proposed publication will serve as a single source of reference for acquiring the knowledge on emerging WSNs based communication technologies. The topics should cover the following and other related issues but not limited to:

- Emerging Communication Technologies based on Wireless Sensor Networks like:

- WSNs and Cloud Computing;

- WSNs and Smart Cities;

- Machine to Machine Networks and WSNs;

- Use of WSNs in Smart Grid;

- Cyber Physical Systems and WSNs;

- Phy, Mac, Network and Higher Layer for WSNs based communication technologies;

- Developments, Issues, and Open Areas;

- Futuristic Applications based on WSNs;


Submission Instructions


Each manuscript should be written in a tutorial manner with enough details so that it can be easily accessible for the readers outside the specialty of the area. Expected manuscript length is between 9,500 to 12,500 words. Longer manuscripts may be allowed based on the topic and need. Manuscripts submitted for the book must be original, must not be previously published or currently under review anywhere. The manuscript must be prepared with MS-Office (doc or docx). Kindly do not use any special formatting or macro for the submission version, doc or docx file. General guideline is: Use A4 page with 1 inch (or, 2.54 cm) margin on all sides, single column format, 1.5 line spacing with 11 point sized font, Times New Roman. An all-in-one PDF file may be submitted for the initial submission however, if the chapter is accepted, this formatting style must be followed and MS-Office file must be supplied.


A chapter proposal should be sent to the editor as soon as possible. Please email to: , and


Important Dates


Chapter Proposal Submission:

30 Nov, 2014

Full Manuscript Submission:

30 January, 2015

Notification (Last Date):

Mar 30, 2015

Final/Revised Manuscript:

May 30, 2015

Publication Time:

2016 (1st half) -Tentative


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Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

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