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Current Undergraduate Courses:

  • Database Systems I (INFO 1102) 
  • Database Systems II/Database Programming (INFO 2102)
  • Data Mining (INFO 4102)
  • Advanced Database (INFO 4101)

Current Postgraduate Course:

  • Data Management (INFO 6110)
  • Systems Development Methodology (INFO 6144)

Courses that were tought previously:

Business Data Communication - University of Wollongong

Introduction to Information Systems - University of Wollongong and Academy Management and Computing (AMIK Bandung - Indonesia)

Systems Analysis and Design - University of Wollongong

Office Automation - Academy Management and Computing (AMIK Bandung - Indonesia)

Systems Prototyping (BUSS 316) - University of Wollongong

Information Systems DevelopmentAcademy Management and Computing (AMIK Bandung - Indonesia)

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Kuala Lumpur is:
"But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." (QS Al-Qasas (28): 77)
Quote of the month:

Knowledge is like a fruit. When a fruit grows on a branch of a tree, its weight causes that branch to bend and bow. Similarly, when knowledge increases in a person, it causes him to become humble and not Mutakabbir (proud and boastful).

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