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My Two Cents..

Kuala Lumpur, Ramadhan 1432 H

Yaa Rabb..

Satukan aku bersama orang-rang yang selalu penuh cinta pada-MU,
dan Kau cintai

Satukan aku bersama orang-orang yang selalu rindu pada-MU,
dan Kau rindui

Satukan aku bersama orang-orang yang bersatu di jalan-MU, 
dan Kau ridhoi

Satukan aku Yaa Rabbi,..
Satukan aku bersama mereka..
Karena, sendiri ku rapuh..

** Untuk Shochrul Rohmatul Ajija, adikku sayang... selamat jalan.
** with love to all sisters in Islam. 

Kuala Lumpur, Ramadhan 1432 H

On the authority of Ibn 'Umar, radiyallahu 'anhuma, who said: The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, took me by the shoulder and said:"Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a traveler/wayfarer." Ibn 'Umar used to say: "When evening comes, do not expect (to live till) morning, and when morning comes, do not expect (to live till) evening. Take from your health (a preparation) for your illness, and from your life for your death."

Composer and Singer: Edcoustic from Bandung (Indonesia) - my hometown.
Youtube video by ebiza4ever (malaysian)


Kuala Lumpur, April 2011

With Allah's will, AlhamduliLlah Palestine had saved my life twice

You might be puzzled or even sceptical if I say the title above out loud. You might think how on earth a country that has been opressed for so many years and its citizens that have been brutally murdered and raped by Israeli army, able to help me - a girl that lives miles away from them -. Not only once, but twice...Well, it is a true story. 

First, it happened years ago during my undergraduate degree.  Being away from family and lived alone in a western country with muslim as minority was certainly not easy. As a 17 years old, me, a girl with a hijab had to faced so many challenges, from simple teases to a serious threat. There was time when I felt I was about to give up, and leave all of my and my father's dream behind. But then, bi idzniLlah (with Allah's will), I received an email from a sister that told me how lucky we were to be able to enjoy the freedom to live and study. The privilege that would rarely (almost impossible) to be found in Palestine. Their daily life is full of threats, some kids even brought stone to school as a 'weapon' to protect them from the Israeli army that can come anytime and put the bullets to their head or beat them up. Masha Allah... I was then realised, what I have had to face was nothing compared to what they have been endured in Palestine. Who am i to complain with a few teases and threat? 

That was the time, AlhamduliLlah, Palestine saved me...

During my PhD, there was also a time when I felt that it is somewhat impossible for me to complete the degree. When I was very close to giving up, my dear husband asked me to be strong and imagine what Palestinians brothers and sisters do if they were in my situation. I am sure they will strive, as what thay have been showing the world. So must I. AlhamduliLlah, Palestine saved me again for the second time...

Today, we have been seeing so many young muslims with lack of motivation to succeed, wasted their time in clubs and easily turn to drugs if there is problem in life. I think it is their time to see what has been happening in other parts of the world... and how the Palestinian youths' strengths and endurances will be able to inspire us. Insya Allah, with Allah's will, I hope Palestine will save them too...    

Kuala Lumpur, 16/12/2010

Monday (13/12) was the first class in this semester (Sem 2 2010/2011). Traditionally .. I will start my class with a short introduction about me and the course, then display two slides on class rules. The DOs and DON'Ts... :) 

This semester, I was thinking to do things untraditional way. No DB jargon on the first day. In fact what I planned to do in that very first class was... let the students make their own rules. Haha.. 

Interestingly, that Monday morning, the moment I stepped in to the class, the atmosphere was somewhat different from last semester. The class was very quite and I can see from their face that most of them were nervous. I didn't wonder why, as I'm sure that their seniors who did the course in Sem 1 would have briefed them well on how 'strict' and 'killer' I am in my class. Well, too bad, I'm going to proof them wrong this semester.. hehehe

So I started with a few jokes to tease them. Once I saw most of them have started to relax and smile, I asked them to make the rules for the class. One person can propose one rule. These were the rules that we compiled in section 1:

•          focus

•          enough time to do assignment

•          teach until the student understand

•          dont make the lecturer angry

•          student help each other

•          learning without any stress

•          come to class early

•          assignment should be discussed after submitted

•          ask question if you dont understand

•          assignment can be submitted through email

•          time for discussion among student

•          being alert

•          all eyes on the lecturer

•          marks for participation

•          no sleeping in the class

•          silence and respect the lecturer

•          lecturer should make jokes to make the class lively : NOT BORING!

•          no replacement class on weekend


The last one was mine, of course :)

But, as we can see, amazingly enough, the rules that we wouldn't expect to come from the students - such as: no sleeping in class, don't  make the lecturer angry :) - were there. SubhanaLlah. 

So, surely, the students do care about us as much as we care about them. AlhamduliLlah.

Anyway, despite how thrilled I am with these rules, there is one rule which I think would be my biggest homework this sem... I have to make JOKES! 


Kuala Lumpur, 10/12/2010

"Today, I feel so blessed. One of my postgraduate students visit me and gave me a lot of lessons about life and remind me the reasons why I chose to be a lecturer in an Islamic University. Not only that, he also gave me a lot of encouragement to be strong  facing the challenges in being an educationists (I prefer this word rather than 'lecturer'). The nicest thing about it is that he delivered all of them  through the passages in the qur'an, hadith and the history of the Prophets. ALhamduliLlah, the bless of being reminded by a brother or a sister in Islam in a nice way is surely priceless. May Allah swt rewards him and all muslims who remind each other for the love of Allah with the best reward, the Jannah (Heaven). Aamiinn.

Another thing that make me so happy today is the visit from one of my student who were struggle to survive my course in the beginning. AlhamduliLlah, with the bless from Allah swt and the hard work (ikhtiar) that he put to an extreme, finally he make it through. Not only that.. he got an A-. AlhamduliLlah... man jadda wa jadd

Kuala Lumpur, 10/12/2010

One big valuable lesson that I learnt yesterday, after seeing so many young brilliant people compete in one of the renown international programming contest... is the empty sign of humbleness and friendliness in many of our brilliant generation today. I'm not sure why such phenomenon occur. Maybe, we as educationists - be that parent, teacher, or society in general-, have forgotten the true meaning of education. We forgot that the success of learning is not merely measured by improvement in one's intelligent quotient (IQ), but also his/her emotional and spiritual quotient (EQ/SQ)...

Or may be it is just the power of the digit 1 and 0 has outperformed us, and has now transformed our youth into 'digital' human being.. glaring, but no feeling."

Kuala Lumpur, January 2009

Pagi itu, seperti biasa, ku susuri tangga ke sebuah lab komputer di lantai 4 – tempatku mengajar. Sesampainya di pintu, tiba-tiba secara refleks mataku mengarah ke sudut ruangan. Sebuah meja komputer dan kursi yang biasanya terisi seseorang yang dua semester lalu pernah terganjal kelulusannya di mata kuliahku.

Ya, bagaimana mungkin aku biarkan dia lepas dari mata kuliah ini, sementara kehadirannya tak lebih dari seperempat jumlah minimum kehadiran. Bahkan, begitu berat hati ini ketika membolehkannya duduk di ujian akhir, padahal jelas-jelas ku tau kalau itu menyalahi prosedur. Tapi kupikir, semua orang punya kesempatan untuk berubah, dan bukan tidak mungkin dia akan berjuang penuh di ujian ini untuk bisa lepas ke tingkat berikutnya. Sayangnya ... sangkaanku salah. Nilainya begitu jauh dari angka kelulusan.

Sedihnya lagi, ketika ku tanya dari mana asalnya, dia dengan ringan menjawab “I’m from Palestine, Madam”.

Sontak kaget, wajahku tiba-tiba terasa panas.

”Brother, … I know many Palestinians, they are smart, hard worker, and strong…”.

“I am not that strong, Madam. Not like my brothers..” . Jawabnya sambil menundukkan kepala dalam-dalam. Tergurat pedih di suaranya.

“Well, despite that, why don’t you cherish the opportunity that you have here? The least thing you can do is study hard!” kataku menahan kesal.

Tak ada jawaban.

Sesaat kami sama-sama terdiam.

“I don’t know what else to do, brother. I obviously wont do anything that will make me unfair to other student” kataku sambil berlalu. Pedih.. pedih sekali perasaan ini.

Dua semester berlalu, kini dia kembali ada di kelasku. Di pertemuan pertama mata kuliah ini, rasa pesimisku kembali muncul. Akankah sejarah dua semester lalu akan berulang? Apalagi dia masih saja menyudut, duduk sendiri dengan wajah murungnya itu.

Tapi, subhanaLlah, hari itu Allah swt memberikan sinar-NYA di hati kami. Awan mendung di Gaza membuatku memberanikan diri untuk menyisipkan sebuah slide dan memulai kelas dengan meminta semua muridku senantiasa berdoa untuk muslimin di Gaza. Sesaat kulihat senyumnya merekah. Wajahnya yang sedari tadi menunduk, tiba-tiba terangkat tegak. Apalagi ketika kusebut namanya - kuyakinkan bahwa deritanya juga kami rasakan, dan ia takkan pernah sendiri menghadapi semuanya ini – ia mengangguk dengan getaran kekuatan yang ku yakin seluruh kelas mampu rasakan.

Di kelas berikutnya, ku lakukan hal yang sama. Satu slide tentang derita Gaza dan pentingnya berdo’a untuk mereka disana, kembali ku sisipkan. Menariknya, wajah murung di sudut kelas itu kini berubah menjadi wajah yang optimis. Ku lihat ia begitu antusias mengikuti materi yang ku paparkan di kelas.

Bahkan pagi itu, ketika kulihat kursi di barisan belakang tak terisi ... kau tau dimana dia?

Dia kini ada di barisan paling depan, siap dengan semangatnya mengikuti kelasku dengan baik.

Dan seperti biasa... ku mulai lagi kelasku dengan satu buah slide tentang Gaza ... meminta muridku untuk berdo’a agar kepedihan segera berakhir disana.

Karena do’a adalah salah satu bentuk nyata.. bukti bahwa ada banyak CINTA di hati kita untuk GAZA!

Wollongong, 2003

“Fathers Day??” itu pertanyaan pertamaku ketika Nima- teman Nelpal-ku – memaksaku untuk menemaninya ke mall membeli kartu untuk ayahnya. Sayangnya yang ditanya bukannya menjawab, malah makin kebingungan. Sesaat kami hanya saling memandang dengan wajah bingung. “Don’t you have that in your country??” tanyanya makin penasaran. 

Kembali mataku menerawang. Mencoba berpikir keras. Lagi-lagi, yang kuingat hanya ada “Hari Ibu” saja tertera di setiap kalender rumah, tanpa ada “Hari Bapak”. Betul, kan? 

Aku menggeleng. Meyakinkan Nima bahwa tidak ada Hari Bapak di Indonesia. Minimal itu yang aku ingat. “Mmmm.. okay” Nima kelihatan tak mau berterusan dengan kebingungannya. 

“Tapi kamu mau kan menemaniku?” tanyanya lagi. 

Dengan terpaksa, akhirnya kuturuti juga permintaannya. Dengan harapan agar kali ini Nima takkan membuang waktuku terlalu lama, karena Nima yang satu ini memang hobby shopping.

Di perjalanan menuju mall, Nima asyik bercerita tentang ayahnya. Betapa dia sangat ingin menuliskan puisi untuk mencurahkan kerinduannya setelah beberapa minggu harus berjauhan dari keluarganya. Betapa ia sangat ingin kembali pulang, namun jadwal kuliah takkan memungkinkan sampai akhir tahun. Terus dan terus cerita tentang ayahnya mengalir dari mulutnya. 

Sambil mendengar cerita Nima, tak sadar aku sendiri terbawa lamunan. Teringat ketika Papa harus mengantarku ke Australia untuk melanjutkan studiku di sini. Aku, putrinya, adalah yang pertama diizinkan untuk melanjutkan studi di negara lain. Tentu bukan hal mudah untuknya, juga untuk mama. Tapi dengan rasa percayanya, Papa terus meyakinkan bahwa aku akan baik-baik saja. “Itu kan bumi Alloh juga” ucapnya menirukan Ustadz yang ceramah di acara perpisahanku dengan teman-teman SMA. “Lagian kan ada sepupuku..” kata Papa menenangkan. Mama yang akhirnya tak dapat berargumen lagi, terpaksa mengalah.

Bayangan tergambar di kepalaku ketika detik-detik papa harus meninggalkanku sendirian di sini. Betapa beliau berusaha keras menahan air matanya ketika menasihatiku untuk jangan lupa beribadah dan rajin belajar. Aku pun tak berani berkata banyak, karena satu kata saja keluar dari mulutku akan membuat sia-sia usahaku menahan airmata ini. Aku tak mau Papa khawatir dengan melihatku sedih, itu saja alasanku.

Sambil berjalan keluar, Papa tak hentinya berpesan agar terus menjaga ibadahku dan berharap agar tak pernah aku siakan harapannya. Betapa ia ingin melihat seorang muslimah yang prestatif. Yang suatu saat akan berguna tidak hanya untuk diriku sendiri, tapi juga untuk sekitarku. Ya, Papa, aku masih ingat itu. Betapa tak mudah kau melepasku, tapi Papa lakukan juga untuk mewujudkan impianku. 

Tak sadar setitik air mata jatuh dari sudut mataku. Ups, …

“You’re not listening, are you?” kini Nima giliran bingung.

“I am listening, ...I just have some thought in my mind” kataku tak mau panjang. Terlihat senyum dari mulutnya. Kurasa dia tahu.

Bergegas aku berlari menuju toko buku. Nima makin lebar senyumnya melihatku jadi semangat ‘45 seperti itu. 

Ya Nima, aku juga rindu, .. rindu pada Papa yang tak pernah berhenti membakar semangatku. Rindu pada Papa yang ikhlas melepasku untuk mewujudkan impian yang begitu ingin kuwujudkan. Rindu pada Papa yang tak pernah lepas do’anya untuk ku, anaknya. Rindu pada Papa.. ya aku rindu..

Kupilih kartu besar ukuran A4 itu. Tak sabar rasanya ingin ku tulis didalamnya kata yang tak pernah terucapkan sebelumnya … I LOVE YOU, DAD. (Mira Kartiwi - 

- Salam sayang untuk Papa … Dan Aa yang kini juga ikhlas menjadi qawwam-ku.

Published in Eramuslim in 2003. 

In memory of Papa, .. a father,.. a teacher, .. a very best friend.

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"But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." (QS Al-Qasas (28): 77)
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Knowledge is like a fruit. When a fruit grows on a branch of a tree, its weight causes that branch to bend and bow. Similarly, when knowledge increases in a person, it causes him to become humble and not Mutakabbir (proud and boastful).

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